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Providing great care, service, & safety for your pet.

We are committed to making your pet’s time with us as comfortable as possible. We take every measure to ensure their safety, provide them with outstanding care and lots of attention from our staff.

Individual Dog Walking

Our service is tailored to your pets preferences in your own neighborhood, and we will cater to individual needs.

Group Dog Walking

Your dog will socialize with other dogs and enjoy a great walk, returning home happy and tired.

Puppy/Senior Dog Assistance

We will help give your puppy or senior dog the immediate attention it needs am and pm while you are not at home.

Why you should choose our dog walking services.

Our company has been walking dogs for over a decade and we’re still going strong. We’re one of the most trusted dog walking service providers in the Brantford area, and we have a reputation for providing reliable services to our customers. Whether your dog is just an occasional visitor or needs help every day, our team of pet care specialists are available to offer you the level of service you need.

Our Team

All of our dog walkers are very approachable, dependable, neat and trustworthy individuals. In addition, all of our walkers are insured, have up-to-date police checks, certified in first aid, carry a cell phone at all times, emergency first aid kit on them at all times and last but most importantly are passionate and friendly to all dogs.

Services we offer for your dog’s needs.

One-on-one dog walking

If your dog likes to stop and sniff every tree, roll around, or needs a little more attention, individual dog walking is the solution for you.

Group dog walks

When you choose a group from 2-5 dogs for your dog’s walk, he or she will be socialized with other dogs and enjoy the walk every time. When it’s all over, they’ll be happy and tired.

Puppy/Senior Dog Assistance

From bringing home a new puppy to having a senior dog, our experts will provide the necessary attention each dog requires.

Quick Visits

Our 20 minute quick visit allows your pet(s) to relieve themselves and gives them time to stretch out their legs.

Only the best dog walking for your pets.

Best cleaning services helping customers worldwide.

Our dog walkers are highly trained and provide an enjoyable and safe environment for your pets.

Meet our expert dog walking staff

Carolyn Stewart

Carolyn has lived in Brantford her whole life. Currently, she works at a veterinarian’s office helping animals get back to their true selves. For Carolyn, who has a big passion for animals, in which she created her own dog-walking business.

John Garcia

John has worked with Carolyn for the past 10 years helping take care of clients’ dogs. John loves working with animals in his free time. Over his time working with animals he has adopted his own two dogs.

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